I am a freelance graphic designer doing whatever it takes to make cool stuff. 

I have extensive experience working with print & digital media services. The last few years have been crazy about developing whatever you can think of. I know, sounds crazy, but things have changed a lot in the last few years, technology is going so fast, by the time you learn one tool or buy the latest hardware to improve your workflow guess what? is too late, the next one is on its way. 

I'm constantly learning, curious human being by nature so I'm always taking advantage of what technology, news, and coffee can offer to improve my workflow and my knowledge.




I mean, every creation has a process, I'm not afraid of having a lot of graphics walking around here and there around the artboard, vectors are free you guys.


You can see the process and transformation when you only make a small change here and there, but do not change over the same piece, duplicate that piece, keep it live and keep going.





I'm always working with awesome companies worldwide, some of them I cannot mention who they are or showcase some of the work I do for them, but there is some I'm sure I can. 




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Coming soon.

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